Amazing 10 Minutes Cardio Workout

Warm Up - 3 minutes

It is important, as a rule of thumb to warm up before commencing any rigorous activity. So make sure you stretch!


Stand straight with both arms in front of you and then slowly raise them up, until they are above your head and then reverse the process by lowering your arms back in front of you. 

Whilst both arms are out straight in front of you, cross your best arm under the other, pulling your bent arm towards you and twisting at the hips. Now repeat this process on the other arm.


Stand straight, put your best leg forward, with about a meter gap between the front and back foot. Use both hands as support on the front leg. Lean forward on the front leg, whilst maintaining your stance and making sure the back leg is straight.

This should take approximately 2 minutes to complete. 

Run On The Spot:

This is quite self explanatory, like running but you do not move from your location.

This should take approximately 1 minute to complete.

Star Jumps - Sets: 2 | Repetition: 15 - 24

To do a star jump, stand up straight with you arms by your side, then bend your knees slightly.

Now jump up, whilst extending your arms and legs to form a star shape in mid air.

Land softly by bending the knees, upon impact, keeping your legs together and your hands by your side.

Keep your back straight and abs tight whilst commencing with this exercise.

Recovery - Rest: 15 - 30 (seconds)

Squats - Sets: 2 | Repetition: 15 - 24

Start in an upright position with your feet shoulder width apart, hand by your side. 

Now lower yourself, keeping your back straight, your knees nearly at a right angle and thighs parallel to the floor. Do not let your knees extend over your toes. For extra balance you can swing your arms out in front of you on your descent. 

From the lowered position, knees at right angle push with your legs until you are back to an upright position. 

Repeat for the desired length of time.   

Recovery - Rest: 15 - 30 (seconds)

Burpees - Sets: 2 | Repition: 15 - 24

To do a burpee, stand up straight then drop down into a couched position, with your hands in front of you on the ground. 

Kick your feet back into a push-up position.

Bring your feet back into a crouched position.

Now jump up with your arms extending overhead. 

For an easier burpee, don’t kick out into the push-up position and stand up instead of jumping.

Recovery - Rest: 15 - 30 (seconds)

Tap Backs - Sets: 2 | Repition: 15 - 24

To start tap backs, step your best leg back and swing both arms forward, then repeat with the opposite leg in a continuous rhythmic movement.

Look forward and keep your hips and shoulders facing forward. Do not let your front knee extend over your toes as you step back.


Recovery - Rest: 15 - 30 (seconds)

Cool Down - 3 minutes


Sit down with your back straight and your legs bent, with the soles of your feet together. Holding on to your feet, try to lower your knees towards the floor.


With your arms in front of you at position 3 and your feet at position 6 on a clock, rotate arms down towards your feet in a clockwise motion, bringing them behind your back and then over your head in a repeat manner. After a while Now do this in reverse with your arms in front of you at position 3 and your feet at position 6 on a clock, rotate arms up towards your head in a anti-clockwise motion, bringing them behind your back and then past your feet, until your arms are back in front of you.

Jog On The Spot:

This is self explanatory and then slowdown to a walk to finish off.

Written By: Jason Wadsworth

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