About Us

Hi and welcome! I designed this website as a basis for anyone who wants to make a change to their lifestyle. This website is here to provide personal experience and a community for like-minded people. The website will provide blogs, product reviews and information about health and hygiene. So if your a looking to invest in yourself then you are in the right place! 

My Story

I have battled with my health for many years and the point came when I started having trouble with my breathing so that was the turning point and decided to do somethings about it. So I decided to do research on supplements, vitamins and simple exercises that would keep me healthy without having to sign up to a gym. I started doing 10-30 minutes of exercise at home, from slow warm ups to high intense cardio and resistance training only got me so far. So I then researched supplements and the usual’s came up like Creatine, BCAA, Amino Acid, and some not very nice ones, so I looked at natural supplements like Tribulus, Tongkat Ali, Raspberry Keytone, etc… So I experimented with some of these supplements and made a note of which ones where given me the best results over a course of 2 months. Eureka!  I discovered taking the right supplements, changing my diet and doing regular physical activity I noticed a positive change in my health and mood.

So I decided to help others reach their goals in improving themselves and their health with easy exercises you can do from home, applying fruit and veg, changing food consumption and using the rights supplements could improve all round fitness.

Why I Want To Help People

I started this online business due wanting to better my health and the people around me. So I hope that the information my site will help you to having a healthier lifestyle.

I am not a fitness or health guru and the information I provide are based on my own experience and reviews.

The Goal Of My Site

My mission for this site is to help people to live their best life, renew their energy and be happy in their own skin. I am hoping to grow my customer base and to provide a good, informative service.

Written By: Jason Wadsworth

Founder of: MyHealthandHygiene.com